Globus Derivative Bond Contracts


Globus Wealth is offering a limited number of Derivative Bond Contracts for sale with a maximum total value of $100 Million, which generate income for life and legacy with compounded growth for future generations.

The DBC contracts purchased return 12.5% per year creating a “Vested Interest” Options Contract. The Vested Interest Options Contract compounds at 12.5% per year held by Globus Wealth for compounded tax free growth. (tax is realized when the options are exercised)

The 12.5% cap limit gives you as a beneficiary predictable income. You will know each year exactly what your earnings will be. DBC’s and the underlying contracts are fully tradable for liquidity and gain.


Globus management’s algorithmic investing is based on the mathematics of WHAT to invest in and WHEN to execute a trade. It is enabled by Cloud Computing algorithms that process the financial data on equities on a daily basis.

The optimum return is achieved by buying and selling at the right time. The algorithm of WHEN to buy is different for every stock and ETF. It is based on the equity price history and probability that a certain price will be reached.

Additional return is generated on a weekly basis by selling the right call and put option based on probability of assignment and risk/reward algorithms.

This is how we generate the 12.5%.  ***Note you are buying an OPTIONS CONTRACT called a Derivative Bond Contract. You are not investing in the stock market and we are not investing your money for you. You made a purchase of a contract with a predictable return based on your initial DBC1 contract purchase.  We are not directly investing money for you in the stock market. We do take the proceeded of the sale and buy bonds from Globus Financial who does invest in the stock market making the DBC’s backed by the bond which in turn is backed by the assets in the broker account four ultimate security.

DBC Contracts can be exercised annually and cashed out or fully vest for compounded interest at 12.5% growth.

Advanced and future leading technology is implemented to provide unparalleled transparency and growth, not available in any other financial product on the market.

Trust is assured through the publishing of an irrefutable, immutable ledger of each and every contract with Globus Wealth collateralized by the brokerage account.

DBC Contracts allow for transferability of beneficiaries to achieve*** tax-free growth in many jurisdictions, penalty free legacy transfers, as well as create a secondary market place for growth above the projected 12.5% model. ***seek professional tax guidance

Bottom line is that a DBC contract purchased at $1,000,000 exercised at 20 years has a projected compounded vesting value $10,545,000. This is 10X the original purchase price. We encourage every DBC purchaser to refer 10 like minded peers to the opportunity to purchase.

Up to 15.5%

When three referrals purchase contracts ($1 Million each) DBC the referrer’s $1 Million 20 year contract value will grow from $10.5 million to $12.8 million, a gain of $2 million simply by referring qualified candidates. See the following table for detail.  *1% additional per million referred ** max 15.5% .  

Globus Bond Option (DBC) is for Legacy ’Trust’

DEFINITION of Bond Option:

A bond option is an option contract in which the underlying asset is a bond. Other than the different characteristics of the underlying assets, there is no significant difference between stock and bond options. Just as with other options, a bond option allows investors the ability to hedge the risk of their portfolios or speculate on the direction of bond prices with limited risk.

Bond Call Option

A bond option is a contract that gives an investor or issuer the right to buy or sell a bond by a particular date for a predetermined price. The Globus Bond Option, purchaser will purchase 21 call option contracts. The option period is for 20 years. Contract 1 will be the covered call used to purchase the bond at the rate of 1 to 1. Contract 2-21 will be option contracts relating to the bond interest. The value of each contract will start at 0 and will be based on the bonds increase in value at the rate of 12.5% per year compounded until exercised. The contracts will be valued and become exercisable on the following schedule:

At Globus we have a fiduciary relationship in which one party, known as an option buyer, gives another party, the option seller, a contract to hold assets for the benefit of, and the option beneficiary.

Derivatives are established to provide legal protection and insurance for the purchaser’s assets, to make sure those assets grow and are distributed according to the option contract, and to save time, reduce paperwork and, in some cases, avoid or reduce inheritance or estate taxes.