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Ron Groenke

Chief Technology Investment Officer and Technology Investment Manager of Winning Technology LLC

Ron Groenke is the Chief technology Investment Officer and Technology Investment Manager of Winning Technology LLC and is comprised of members across the following functional disciplines:

  1. executive, finance, accounting & reporting, legal and regulatory,
  2. credit, underwriting, portfolio and servicing & administration,
  3. data science, technology, integration, and
  4. originations and channel management. Over the years the firm has organically grown. Winning Technology International Inc. is a technology investment management firm focused on the options markets in the United States. The Firm manages income options strategies primarily in securities in the United States and in companies outside the region where our investment research has uncovered mis-pricing of the security.

Below please find the main milestones:

  • 1986 Ron Groenke does his first covered call
  • 1994 Ron Groneke retired full time to trade options full time
  • 2002 Ron Published “The Money Tree” and PC Based options software
  • 2004 Ron Published “Covered Calls and Naked Puts”
  • 2005 Ron releases “VISIONS” trading tools algorithms
  • 2006 Ron Published  “Cash for Life”2000 2006 Stamford
  • 2009 Ron Published “Show me the Money”
  • 2012 Ron Published “ Show me the Trade”
  • 2014 Wall Street Winning cloud based data and options algorithms are released and Wall Street Winning Book.
  • 2015 Ron runs three model portfolios for “Done for You” customers 2016 Win Rate 95% Avg Weekly Return 1.34% Avg Hold Time 15.93 Days Put Assignment Rate 18%
  • 2017 YTD Win Rate 97% Avg Weekly Return 1.01% Avg Hold Time 17.52 Days Put Assignment Rate 8%

2016-17 PRO PLAN:

Subscribers are presented with 7-10 trades per week as analyzed by the WSW options trading team. Performance is calculated on a fully allocated cash basis, with no margin.

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