Globus Derivative Bond Contracts (DBC1) 1 Globus contract representing a purchase of an option from Globus Wealth LLC (the seller), who buys a bond from Globus Wealth LLC, directly deposited into an asset-backed brokerage account managed by Winning Technology LLC, all Puerto Rico, USA Companies.  This contract will be for the initial principal purchase amount debited to receiver (debtor) Globus Wealth to be repayable on a fixed 20 year renewable term. Early exercise Contract Value will be repaid as described in the contract table.

Transferability To avoid early exercise penalties, a beneficiary may resell the contracts to another purchaser with the permission of Globus as KYC (know your client) compliance, and auditory regulations need be adhered to.

Derivative Bond Contracts (DBC2) 20 Option Contracts representing an interest payable to the smart purchaser at the DBC1 tier rate. Vested interest will be used in a separate Globus Wealth (DBC2) brokerage account also managed by Winning Technology LLC, a Puerto RicoCompany. This vested interest contract will be vested income that will vest at the rate of 12.5% annually for the term. These contracts are exercisable on an annual basis from December 15th to January 1st. Any DBC2 contract that is transferred to a new purchaser is only exercisable at the full DBC1 term date.

Target Contract Amount Soft cap of $10,000,000 USD and a hard cap of $100,000,000

Currencies Accepted USD BTC, ETH, USD, AED, EURO at USD converted rate at the time of conversion. Purchasers to Globus in USD must purchase a minimum of $500,000 and be accredited.

Contract Start Dates and MinimumsMarch 25th, 2018 to purchase $500,000 minimum investment for US residents and $500,000 minimum investment for those residents outside of the US

Income Realization The DBC1 contracts will receive 12.5% annual interest in DBC2 and grow at 12.5%

Interest/ Call DBC2 contracts can be exercised anytime after 1 year. DBC2 interest contracts may be called and exercised for cash or vested and grow every year between December 15th and January 1st. Purchasers can elect to vest and compound or exercise and call at smart contract value. DBC2 may be traded or sold at any time after the first year lock-up period and resold contracts cannot be exercised until the end of DBC1 associated term.

Long Term Vesting DBC―Vested Interest Contracts will have compounding results over time. Rolling and vesting is rewarded for longterm smart contract holders, mathematically over time. Purchasers who have vested for 7 years straight will have received 100% ROI and are at a 0 risk scenario. $1M becomes $2M. Early exercising will result in contract penalties that do apply as this is not a get rich quick scheme and it is a get richer for sure, over time vehicle. We have made a commitment of 20 years to see the full potential of the investment. Although, it is fully conditionally tradable at any time, a DBC contract compounds to 10X value in under 20 years mathematically.

CNAV Reporting During the first year following the closing of the contract purchase, the DBC1 contracts correlated asset-backed CNAV(Called Net Asset Value) will be reported monthly as of the 30th of each month within 5 business days of such date. After the first anniversary following the closing of the , it is expected that the CNAV will be reported more frequently than monthly and updated daily via the Globus Smart Vault. It is expected that there will also be a monthly conference call where the Manager will be available to respond to questions proposed in advance.

Management Fee; The manager of Globus (Winning Technology LLC.) will not charge any upfront management fees. The manager will work 100% on a performance only success fee basis. In order for the manager to get paid, all minimum annual percentage returns for purchasers must be achieved (12.5% annualized on a monthly basis). Only then will the manager be paid whatever remains in USD in monthly increments. Significant reserve funds will also be maintained in excess to settle any early exercised contracts or market fluctuations.

Contract Documents Will be available on or before March 1

TWO OBJECTIVES- Derivative Bond Contract – ONE PURPOSE

In order to realize two separate objectives – Dependable Predictable Growth and Compounding Legacy Wealth as an investment vehicle – we have created Globus Derivative Bond Contract specifically designed to fulfill this purpose.

DBC1 Derivative Bond Contract (Capital Growth)

DBC1 Derivative Bond Contracts will have the ability to appreciate because they’ll be limited in number, and will produce minimum annual interest equal to 12.5% annually based on the DBC1 purchase. All Derivative Bond Contracts must mature at least 12 months before early exercise or resale by law.

DBC2 Derivative Bond Contract and (Income Mining) Smart Contract Options Interest

DBC2 will be used to store vested interest value for beneficiaries and essentially is how the product

mines growth based on meeting the minimum performance thresholds assigned to the initial deposit

DBC1s. The anticipated growth stability of these Derivative Bond Contracts and their reliability as income cash flow and capital growth will be a key advantage of the Globus Derivative Bond Contract.


We will be able to offer instantaneous transfer of wealth at a fraction of the cost of alternative options

in the marketplace. Death tax and related fees can be avoided entirely by transferring or willing beneficiary rights via the Globus Derivative Bond Contract. Exchanging Globus Derivative Bond Contracts in the exchange marketplace creates instant liquidity when needed.

KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE GLOBUS Derivative Bond Contract and OTHER Products.

DBC1- Globus Derivative Bond Contract will be used as hard storage of growth value; and can be held as a stable store of asset-backed value. The BlockChain smart contracts will record all income as warranted by the benchmark in the performance contracts. DBCs may be exercised for cash or they can continue vesting annually from December 15th to January 1st. Reserve contracts are to be invested in ultra-low risk asset-backed option trades, but they are not part of this Derivative Bond Contract offering.

Importantly, greatly reduced redemption ie… early exercising of the Globus Derivative Bond Contract will allow Globus to confidently achieve benchmarks of 12.5% for those Derivative Bond Contract holders who do not exercise early but stay vested the full term their purchase of  DBC1 increasing their income and compounding 10X over time. This is all backed by real equities and options in the US stock market. In this way, Globus Derivative Bond Contract will be able to mitigate the obstacles that have prevented other wealth management ecosystems from becoming useful storage of value, instead of purely speculative investment vehicles.

Globus Derivative Bond Contract

Total Globus Derivative Bond Contracts in circulation will be $100,000,000 secured by asset backed bond contracts that provide additional security and transparency. Any New Globus Derivative Bond Contracts entering the market from additional offerings will not affect the value.Therefore, the number of Globus Derivative Bond Contracts (DBC1) in circulation will be limited, predictable, and fully disclosed on the BlockChain. Globus Derivative Bond Contracts will receive12.5% of growth from the Globus Wealth asset-backed bond ecosystem, exercised to Globus Wealth contract right holders “beneficiaries” via DBC contracts. Assuming the adoption and usage of Globus Derivative Bond Contract increases over time, the “Globus Smart Vault” could intentionally evolve from a contract to an International Bank.

Globus takes a 10X approach to Purchase :

GLOBUS Derivative Bond Contract

Smart Contracts back by Real Assets.

At the base of the structure is the Globus Wealth a Puerto Rico (USA) company, that is the seller of the Globus (DBC1) capital. Globus Wealth then purchases asset-backed bonds from Globus Wealth and contracts the Wealth Management Company, Winning LLC., to manage the capital. The wealth management company will manage all aspects of the Globus Derivative Bond Contract, Ecosystem/Smart Vault, as well as work on attracting and evaluating 3rd party fulfillment such as auditors, directors, prime brokers, and custodians who will monitor ecosystem funds within the Globus Derivative Bond Contract Ecosystem. At the moment of Contract Purchase, the purchaser will deposit directly to the account of Globus Wealth and will issue the Globus Derivative Bond Contract, called DBC1. Rights holders ofGlobus Derivative Bond Contract will be able to login to the Globus Smart Vault (GSV) the Ecosystem via the Ecosystem’s website. DBC1 will be visually deposited in the Globus Smart Vault for transparency of assets in a purchaser’s wallet linked to their account. Each DBC1 holder will have a capital DBC1 account and an income account (DBC2) for visualization as well as a weekly NAV and CNAV. CNAV is how value of the contract is measured and always at called value as that is the value for which we are willing to sell. The reason for the failure of hedge funds to properly use options strategies is that NAV which is a long only measurement is not relevant to an income/interest strategy such as Globus employs.

The invention of the BlockChain and smart contracts has paved the way for our new solution CNAV. The CNAV is the called value of the contract plus the reserve plus the interest. Your actual interest contract value (AIV) will also be a visualized measurement in both the smart bank and on the BlockChain based Derivative Bond Contract for ultimate transparency and investor comprehension.

In a nutshell, you will be able to see and visualize all interest, capital, and compounding computations as well as current redemption value in your Smart Vault. This is revolutionary in the fact that this traditionally is very confusing and often hidden in small print by traditional wealth products.

Smart Contract Trigger Events

How the Smart Contracts are Triggered

1. Contracts occur and Globus Derivative Bond Contracts are issued. (DBC1)

2. Annually smart interest contracts can be exercised for cash.(DBC2)

3. Annually smart interest contracts can be rolled to vest. (DBC2)

4. Early Exercise Value Call

5. Sale of DBC1 or DBC2 contract

Additional Trigger events.

1. Change of BlockChain trigger (manual)

2. Legal issues/legislation issues and smart contracts trigger all DBC1 converted to another vehicle.

3. The company becomes an international bank.

End of Day Triggers

1. The Company declares bankruptcy.

2. The Company fails to deliver annual interest and defaults on contracts in three consecutive years provided that such non-delivery is not the result of (i) an internal technological issue that the Company is working to resolve; or (ii) a technological issue unrelated to the Company’s operations. c. Senior management commits fraud or other illegal activity that materially impacts the Company’s ability generate revenue.

d. The Company fails to provide annual audit by an accounting firm of its revenue within six (6) months of the year end. e. The Company willfully dissolves or intentionally ceases operation.


Another important function of the Globus Derivative Bond Contract Wealth Management team is the annual distribution of interest to the Globus Derivative Bond Contract DBC2 contracts. This process is shown in the figure above and described as follows:

The Globus Derivative Bond Contract’s Wealth Management Team applies BlockChain technology to create, manage, and govern. Its BlockChain ecosystem investment vehicle and the ecosystemitself is based on smart-contracts.


Globus Derivative Bond Contract Wealth Management technology has a multi-level infrastructure:

Derivative Bond Contract

• Globus Derivative Bond Contract to receive interest from Globus Wealth Bond Ecosystem.

• Derivative Bond Contracts that secure income payments from the investment activities of the respective capital invested.

Smart Contract Options

• Asset Purchase Contract. (DBC1) Globus Asset-Backed Fixed Interest Contracts

• Income Contracts. (DBC2) Derivative Bond Contracts (DBC2)

• Visual Asset Interest Interface (Smart VAULT)

• Others

This combination of Derivative Bond Contracts and smart contracts allows the investment process to remain flexible to accommodate the wide diversity of contracts with various tranche structures that are available on the Globus Derivative Bond Contract Ecosystem.


GLOBUS Derivative Bond Contract

Globus Derivative Bond Contract Wealth Management DEPOSIT CONTRACT

The Globus (DBC1) contract covers base understandings of redemptions, interest, Exchanges,

Globus Derivative Bond Contract, and Smart Vault.

The Ecosystem contract holds the deposit wallets’ logic based on DBC1 Contract. Each DBC1 is a related to an DBC2 annual contract and implements an interface between the beneficiary and Ecosystem Wallet with exercisable rights, interest, and external addresses.

Globus Derivative Bond Contract

Globus Derivative Bond Contracts are implemented as Derivative Bond Contract options instruments and buys bonds to fulfill capital purchase contracts to manage and repay via interest from GLOBUS by way of options contracts (DBC2). Globus Derivative Bond Contracts are connected to the Ecosystem via the Ecosystem Asset Interest Interface (GLOBUS VAULT).

Globus Derivative Bond Contract will create Globus Derivative Bond Contract as a one-off activity during the Distribution process.

Additional issuance is possible.

The Deposit contract is made up of specific contracts that govern the contract structure, fees, and assets. It is implemented as a Derivative Bond Contract (Option) instrument and receives distributions from the corresponding contracts capital appreciation. Each contract connects and interacts with the Ecosystem via the asset interface.

• Roles

• Contract Beneficiary (Globus Derivative Bond Contract), holder, manager

• Beneficiary’s fees

• Structuring fee: once

• Promotion fee: once

• Maintenance fee: daily based on annual %

• Transaction fee: per each transaction based on the rule applicable to

the Derivative Bond Contract

• Performance/success fee: monthly/quarterly/yearly based on

Globus Ecosystem performance related rules.


Globus Ecosystem exchanges hold the exchange rates (Globus – USD, for example) and provide

holders with the ability to transfer their Globus Derivative Bond Contract from the Ecosystem to

new beneficiaries. Ecosystem exchanges support major Derivative Bond Contract currencies, such as BTC, ETH, and fiat currency.

Globus Smart Vault

This is the comprehensive capital management system that acts as a one-stop solution. It covers all the aspects of running the wealth management vehicle and provides the Derivative

Bond Contract investor with access to the Visualization of the Globus Derivative Bond Contract and related assets.

The Ecosystem IT (Winning Technology)

This system enables the investment manager to:

• Perform the distribution of the Derivative Bond Contract .

• Track and report wealth management/performance results.

• Distribute and allocate between the Derivative Bond Contract accounts.

• Upload necessary documents, reports, and other related data.

This system allows the asset managers to focus on managing the capital for the benefit of the Derivative Bond Contract holders while Winning Technology takes care of all the rest.


The Manager Administrative Tool and the Derivative Bond Contract Holder’s Analytical (Smart Vault)

Interface are only the tip of an iceberg visible to end users. Behind the scenes is all the development of the technology and smart contracts, API interactions with the institutions, clearing operations, reporting, and intensive work on the legal track.


(Smart Vault)

The Globus Investment Interface (Smart Vault) allows the beneficiary to:

• Track the asset-backed portfolio performance.

• Drill down to get the decomposition and verify the investment results.

• Exercise options for buyback to participate in the distribution of the

Contract’s income or roll to continue vesting contractual rights.

• Download reports and export necessary analytical data.

This wealth management interface will be based on the institutional grade investment interfaces created by Winning Technology.

Know Your Client/Customer rules force Wealth institutions to vet the people they are doing business with, ensuring that they are legitimate.

In equity or crypto currency trading, leverage multiplies the real funds in your account by a given factor, enabling you to make trades that result in significant profit. By giving leverage to a trader, the trading exchange is effectively lending them money, in the hope that it will earn back more than it loaned in commission. Leverage is also known as a margin requirement.

The ability to buy and sell an asset easily, with pricing that stays roughly similar between trades. A suitably large community of buyers and sellers is important for liquidity. The result of an illiquid market is price volatility, and the inability to easily determine the value of an asset.

The act of calling in a margin requirement. An exchange will issue a margin call when it feels that a trader does not have sufficient funds to cover a leveraged trading position.

An instruction given to an exchange, asking it to buy or sell an asset at the going market rate. In a bitcoin exchange, you would place a market order if you simply wanted to buy or sell bitcoins immediately, rather than holding them until a set market condition is triggered to try and make a profit.

Is an intermediary used in trade to avoid the inconveniences of a pure barter system. Fiat currencies are the generally accepted mediums of exchange. Their most important and essential function is to provide a measure of value.



• The launch of Globus Derivative Bond Contract and the corresponding

Globus Derivative Bond Contract creation process are organized around smart contracts.

• The Globus Distribution process will begin on April, 2019 at

(the “Distribution Starting Date”).

• Instructions on how purchasers can participate (CONTRACT) will be made available closer to the Distribution Starting Date.

• Participants willing to subscribe to the Globus Derivative Bond Contract can do so by sending ETH or other major currencies to the designated address or fiat currency via bank wire.

• Details on participation using fiat currencies will be published in the agreement.

• You also can request information on participation using fiat currencies by emailing us at info@GLOBUSWEALTH.com.

• By submitting the offering, members are requesting to receive Globus

Derivative Bond Contracts at the Globus contracted fixed price.

• The Distribution Period will run until the cap on fundraising is reached.

• Globus Derivative Bond Contracts received by subscriber will be transferable 365 days after the contract was filled.

• Globus WEALTH (the “Company”) controls the contract and the address to which gathered capital will be sent.

• To ensure participation please contact us at info@GLOBUSWEALTH.com

• All available Globus Derivative Bond Contracts will be issued during the

Distribution period.

This will be a one-time operation and no additional issuance is available for Globus Derivative Bond Contract for this round. The total number of Globus Derivative Bond Contracts to be issued will be $100,000,000 according to the formula.


The cap on funds raised at the Distribution will be $100 Million Dollars US before the Distribution Starting Date, however such cap cannot exceed $400,000,000


17% of the proceeds from capital income generated via Winning Technology will be reserved for a reserve fund to guarantee early calls of Globus Derivative Bond Contract or a market drop. The reserve will be stored in the form of a differentiated portfolio managed and controlled by Winning Technology. Information on the structure of the reserve and its status will be publicly available and published in the Smart Vault. This facility will last for the entire term of the investments and always equal to redemption in support of a 50% market drop. After that, the funds are returned back to Winning Technology. All Called Derivative Bond Contract, if any, become the property of the company and may be resold.


We estimate the total cost for Globus Derivative Bond Contract’s Wealth Management Development to be about USD $1.5M over the next five years. This amount will be covered by the proceeds from the management success fee to Winning Technology and 100% financed by Winning Technology International. No investor investments will be used for development. 100% of investments will be invested in asset-backed public companies or ETFs.

Risk Factors

The Purchase of Derivative Bond Contracts involve a degree of risk. You should consider carefully the risks described below, together with all of the other information contained in this DBC PROSPECTUS, before making a decision to lend. The following risks entail circumstances under which Globus’ business, Wealth condition, results of operations, and prospects could suffer.

Participation in Derivative Bond Contract offerings, including the Globus Derivative Bond Contract

DBC1, involves a degree of risk.

Wealth and operating risks confronting Wealth and technology companies may be significant. The Wealth and Derivative Bond Contract industries are highly competitive and the percentage of companies that survive and prosper may be limited. Unexpected problems in the areas of product development, marketing, financing, and general management, among others, that cannot be solved may arise. We may not be successful in developing our proprietary BlockChain and/or the technology upon which Globus Derivative Bond Contract are expected to be based.

No portion of the funds raised will be used by us to develop our proprietary BlockChain and the Globus Derivative Bond Contract, including the necessary proprietary hash functions. Globus Derivative Bond Contracts are intended to be compliant with or operative on a public BlockChain and will be compliant with the ERC-20 or other existing standard. Once issued, Globus Derivative Bond Contracts will operate on the BlockChain. If we are unable to successfully develop this proprietary Ecosystem, we may not be able to issue Globus Derivative Bond Contracts, and you may lose the entirety of your investment. Even if we develop such proprietary technology, such development may be delayed or become subject to the adverse intellectual property claims of others. In such an event, our ability to utilize our developed proprietary technology may be limited or delayed, and your ability to receive Globus Derivative Bond Contracts, if ever may be delayed.

General risks associated with the business of Globus.

Globus proposes to offer highly complex services and products and faces competition that may result in low market share and/or profitability. Globus expects the marketplace to continue to be highly competitive as new products develop, industry standards become well known, and other competitors attempt to enter these markets. Some competitors may have longer operating histories, larger customer bases, and significantly greater Wealth, sales and marketing, manufacturing, distribution, technical, and other capabilities than Globus. These competitors may be able to adapt more quickly to new or emerging technological requirements and changes in customer and/or regulatory requirements.

They may also be able to devote greater resources to the promotion and sale of their products and services. Competition from newly established competitors may also enter the marketplace and further materially adversely affect Globus. Existing or new competitors may develop products, technologies, or services that more effectively address Globus’ markets with enhanced features and functionality, greater levels of integration, and/or lower cost. Additionally, changes or developments in technology could render Globus’ products and services dated or obsolete or cause them to lose market acceptance, which could have a material adverse impact on business performance. As the technological sophistication of its competitors and the size of the market increase, competing low-cost producers could emerge and grow stronger.

Our reliance on third parties and agreements with collaboration partners may require us to share our trade secrets, which increases the possibility that a competitor may discover them or that our trade secrets will be misappropriated or disclosed.

Our reliance on third party contractors to develop and manufacture our products and services is based upon agreements that limit the rights of the third parties to use or disclose our confidential information, including our trade secrets and know-how. Despite the contractual provisions, the need to share trade secrets and other confidential information increases the risk that such trade secrets and information are disclosed or used, even if unintentionally, in violation of these agreements. In the highly competitive markets in which our products and services are expected to compete, protecting our trade secrets, including our strategies for addressing competing products and services, is imperative, and any unauthorized use or disclosure could impair our competitive position and may have a material adverse effect on our business and operations.

In addition, our partners may be larger and more complex organizations than ours, and the risk of inadvertent disclosure of our proprietary information may be increased despite internal procedures and contractual obligations in place with our collaboration partners. Despite our efforts to protect our trade secrets and other confidential information, a competitor’s discovery of such trade secrets and information could impair our competitive position and have an adverse impact on our business.

Risks associated with Wealth reporting.

There may be material weaknesses in our internal control over Wealth reporting as well as significant deficiencies in our disclosure controls and procedures, and we may identify material weaknesses in internal controls or significant deficiencies in our disclosure controls and procedures in the future. If we fail to remediate any identified material weaknesses, or if we otherwise fail to maintain effective internal control over Wealth reporting and disclosure controls and procedures, we may not be able to accurately report our Wealth results, or detect or prevent fraud in a timely manner, which may, among other adverse consequences, cause our customers to lose confidence.

A material weakness is a deficiency, or a combination of deficiencies, in internal control over Wealth reporting such that there is a reasonable possibility that a material misstatement of our annual or interim Wealth statements will not be prevented or detected on a timely basis.


GLOBUS Derivative Bond Contract VISION

Globus Derivative Bond Contract Wealth Management is part of Globus Wealth bond purchaser of Globus Wealth powered by Winning Technology, a Wealth technology company incorporated in Puerto Rico with a solid track record since 2014. We bring investment transparency, globalization, and Derivative Bond Contracts to the next level by implementing BlockChain technology — all with a commitment to sustainable continuous development in cooperation with Wealth Management.

The wealth managers combine their “Done For You Trading” automated technologies and algorithms with our deep expertise in options trading investments to provide fixed interest growth. Managed by the Winning Technology team of wealth managers, lawyers, and accounting authorities, we are creating a solid bridge between the BlockChain universe and classical wealth management world by providing a  transparent and legally compliant investment vehicle in the ecosystem through the use of smart contracts featuring Derivative Bond Contract agreements. We are helping to expand the boundaries ofreturn on investment possibilities through Smart Contract Purchase and to encourage regulators to recognize BlockChain tools as the new reality in classical wealth markets. Ultimately, Globus Derivative Bond Contract aims to be the benchmark for the wealth generation ecosystem and wealth vehicles that invest in traditional investment instruments as well as in emerging smart contract technology.

Globus is an ecosystem of smart contracts operating on the BlockChain. Using our technical infrastructure, purchasers can legally purchase in a new type of asset-backed debt we call “DerivativeBond Contract.” Such contracts reflect the interest value of the purchase capital used to purchase bonds for operating wealth management, at the same time are as liquid as a currency. We achieve this by formally linking traditional contracts with smart contracts through mutual reference and code correspondence. BlockChain and smart contracts allow Globus to accelerate the Purchase and Growth process, lower capital barriers, reduce overhead, align interests of purchasers, and eliminate transaction intermediaries. Globus DBC Contracts (DBC1) makes it possible to provide solutions for contract purchasers to have full transparency of where their purchase contract proceeds are being allocated. At the same time, Derivative Bond Contracts (DBC2), a smart contract functions as a vested interest contract (exercise OR ROLL(vest), which provides annual premium contracts that can be exercised for cash, or ROLLED, vested to compound over the 20 year life of the DBC1 contract.



Globus Derivative Bond Contracts are creating a unique market ecosystem model that enables you to purchase, verified by the BlockChain in the form of Derivative Bond Contract where the receiver’s wealth management team invests into Wealth assets, and deploy traditional debt financing into the markets in a new way. Globus Derivative Bond Contract operates an asset-backed ecosystem that participates in the compounding of wealth creation.

Globus Derivative Bond Contract addresses the main issues of the current investment vehicles, such as, Poor Performance, Unfavorable Management Fees, Unsustainable Strategies, Subjective Risk Exposure,Lack of Capital Protection, Inefficient Use of Time /Money coefficient, Lack of Transparency. Our goal is to become the premier go-to Derivative ecosystem product, giving purchasers the best possible gains with the lowest risk threshold and allowing them to take real advantage of an options interest strategy not supported by traditional funds that depend on NAV. Globus INSTEAD focuses on the CNAV (Called Value) AND Interest GENERATED giving purchasers an advantage of predictable returns in an options strategy not afforded to traditional funds due to outdated policies, procedures, antiquated Wealth regulation, and products. GLOBUS Derivative Bond Contract will bridge the gap between these two worlds while taking advantage of both.


GLOBUS Derivative Bond Contract ADVANTAGES FOR Purchasers

Derivative Bond Contract to the GLOBUS Ecosystem provides any type of investor/lender with important advantages over existing investment/Purchase opportunities.

Advantage to Derivative Bond Contract Purchasers

•New opportunities to access asset-backed fixed premium return.

•Access compound growth and legacy wealth creation through Derivative Contracts and subsequent investments in asset-backed bond investments to provide much needed diversification for purchasers.

•Access traditional investment opportunities with a lower risk profile to balance speculative exposures.

Advantages to Derivative Bond Contract Purchasers

•Higher net return thanks to vested contracts and related debt to compound and growth.

•Access to new classes of growth assets with guaranteed returns and capital management transparency thanks to the derivative ecosystem and alternative potentiality of the opportunity while still maintaining traditional fundamentals.

•Contract Exchangeability, anonymity, and transferability are the inherent features of the derivative contract ecosystem assets. Contract exchangeability allows for secondary markets and potential for greater ROI through a secondary market contract exchange (to be established).

•(KYC process is still required upon deposit and withdrawal of fiat currencies.)


GLOBUS Derivative Bond Contract MARKET OVERVIEW

Exponential Market Growth

BlockChain markets have hit $300B on the underlying potential of the Smart Contract Ecosystem and related technology. But what will bring these markets to over $1 trillion is the introduction of new vehicles and products from the existing Wealth Management industry. Globus has both the partners and team to deliver on this potential.

BlockChain has been a buzzword in the Wealth sector since 2009. It has sparked substantial interest in the industry through its advantages of a distributed ledger, value transfer, and resilience to counterfeiting. The creation of Ethereum (ETH) has introduced smart contracts to a wide range of business users. Application of these smart contracts leads to increasing decentralization and democratization of contractual relationships, effectively leaving no place for interpretation of the fine print in the agreements and introducing dramatic cost advantages. This has resulted in the proliferation of various BlockChain ecosystem investment vehicles, from which we can single out three main types: currency trading, venture capital funds, and Derivative Bond Contracts. New entrants to the Wealth technology market aim to disrupt the highly concentrated and over-regulated Wealth industry. In this environment, incumbents are taking steps to keep up with the pace of technology and with customers’ demands.

Derivative Bond Contracts are the future of the Wealth Industry, offering compelling advantages such as transparency, tradability, deferability, and cost efficiency.

Wallets are where public and private keys are stored, they come in many different varieties. See “hot wallet” &“cold wallet”

Electronically transferring money from one person to another. Commonly used to send and retrieve fiat currency from bitcoin exchanges

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