Why Globus Wealth ?

Ron Groenke here.

Listen—I value your time, so let me get right to it.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in, or curious to know more about Globus Wealth and how we can help you to find “Income for Life” and financially accelerate your investments with “The Math and Science of Getting Richer “ and proven technology trading strategies.

I also get it, you have questions, and I have answers…

I am here to help.

This is the reason I’m going to ask you to go over this entire page so you completely understand how critical it’s for you to join us, and the BIGGEST MISTAKE you’ll be making if you don’t…

Just because most investing is based on old traditional methods and getting advice from people that don’t even have the results that you want, and you won’t get you the results you’re looking anywhere else on Wall Street.

How do I know that?

Because I’ve been there, at one point in my investing career I was where you probably are right now…

Don’t believe me?

Well, let’s then begin this conversation with the challenges that you may be facing right now.

So, let’s handle that first…


Poor Performance :

Generally, fund managers rely on market anomalies, or sector themed bets to yield alpha. These principles are not consistent and produce higher risk for the long-term, resulting in lower performance over time and a lack of accountability towards increased performance.

Solution: Better Performance

With Globus “Derivative Bond Contracts” we rely on premium to generate Alpha. By leveraging proprietary technology, the system mines the markets daily, processing over one billion data points. This generates trade opportunities on “what” equity to buy/sell and “when” to buy/sell using advanced proprietary data mining algorithms that have been optimized over the past 20 years. These proprietary algorithms have consistently generated on average 95% win-rates. The monthly alpha generally beats overall Hedge Fund Annual Average Performance* The benchmark of 12.5% annual return to investors provides “Income for Life” source, that cannot be found in comparable products.

Unfavorable Management Fees :

The standard 2/20 fee structure presents a bias in the managers favor. Managers get paid regardless of performance and have an incentive structure when there is increased performance. The problem is that when performance is poor, fees are unsustainable and does not generate a favorable return for the investor.

Solution: Performance-only Fees
Globus Wealth has an investment philosophy “If we don’t make you money we do not deserve yours.” With Globus Wealth , fees are 100% performance based. Benchmarks are set at 12.5% annual returns to contract beneficiaries. Only once this benchmark is reached, does the Globus Wealth collect a performance-based share above these benchmarks as incentive.

Unsustainable Strategies :

Generally, fund managers execute strategies that are not sustainable. If that strategy is not designed and leveraged by advanced proprietary technology, it tends to be discovered rather quickly, often replicated, and its value declines due to the lack of a competitive advantage, especially under changing market conditions.

Solution: Proprietary Strategy & Black Box

Globus’s accelerated smooth return strategy (the double up) has been used and perfected for over 20-years and developed by a NASA mathematician, financial technology programmer, and author of 6 books on investing. The system consists of three advanced algorithms that mine stock data to determine the best trade opportunities daily.
One of the proprietary algorithms is used to calculate the best premium on a risk/reward basis that can be generated, in the shortest time possible, and the probability of that success, thus consistently producing Alpha with a 95% win-rate.

Subjective Risk Exposure :

Generally, investors want to limit long-term risk and the increase in risk exposure in funds are no longer attractive. Risk factors are generally decisions made by humans (risk or fund managers) on a subjective principle. The risk is a calculation that defines the performance of Alpha for most funds and the more risk, the less Alpha.

Solution: Algorithmic Risk Mitigation

The Globus Wealth has rule-based risk mitigation principles built into the algorithm. First, the algorithms filter equities with the best fundamentals that can survive a major correction, reducing risk. Secondly, the premiums received reduce risk by generating a capital gain. Third, the exposure time is short, which reduces risk. The average hold time of an equity in Globus’ strategy is a month or less, thus reducing risk and accelerating smooth gains for contract beneficiaries.

Lack of Capital Protection :

Generally, funds do not provide capital protection. Investors either buy into a strategy with low risk that will yield low alpha or a strategy with greater capital risk for greater alpha. The problem remains that you are investing into a fund product that may be speculative. Those that invest in crypto or alt coins my not be investing in any underlying value whatsoever.

Solution: Capital Protection

With the Globus Wealth , the initial capital (DBC1) has a low threshold of risk as trade positions are only entered into equities that could survive a major market correction (bear cash) and still produce premium until the stock recovers (time). The algorithm also dynamically moves to inverse equities as the market conditions, mathematics, and technology indicate necessary. The initial investment is further supported by premium when necessary. The premium can be generated on equities regardless of the market conditions. Time and patience is the only factor, with a reserve fund in place in case of early redemptions or a market correction up to 50%.

Ponzi Schemes:

Generally, when you have someone handle your investments you give up control. Many new technologies and funds are based on nothing more than air and speculation. There are no physical assets only ideas and interest from other investors. Many investors stick with the traditional route that only gives medicore returns at best.

Solution: Asset Backed Bonds

Asset Backed Bonds are the only way to provide real value to any deravitive product, utility without value does not work. Globus Wealth utilizes a strategy-technology first approach to hold “real” assets. These assets also have underlying value with real reserve in their bank accounts to even survive a 50% market correction. Investing in the right equities with real assets to back them up assures a sound investment that will yield “Income For Life”.

Lack of Transparency :

Generally, fund managers take a “blind-trust” approach to investing your money. Unfortunately, this trust has been frequently violated due to lack of transparency.

Solution: Full Transparency

Globus Wealth and through Globus Deravitive Bond Contracts, utilize the “BLOCKCHAIN” technology platform to establish “visible-trust” by publishing irrefutable data with complete integrity. Detailed backoffice reports show not only performance and each trade completed, but also trade positions directly from the broker of record.

* average hedge fund statistics *

For More Information Contact: 1-888-999-8705 or Info@globuswealth.com.

  • You want to easily make 12.5% guaranteed* or more every year.
  • You want to get results in record time without increased risk.
  • You want to have a very strategic plan of action for the next 10, 20, even 40 years to get consistent monthly income or multiplication of capital ..
  • You want to position yourself for retirement and enjoying life, not managing your money.
  • You want bigger returns, than traditional methods with full transparency and performance-based fees.
  • You want to be able to predict and manage your income with an income generating system.
  • You want to get a Six to Seven Figure Returns on Autopilot in the next 12 to 24 months.

You see, I think I know more than you think about what you’re going through right now.

Now, I want to make sure I’m talking to the right person and find out whether this is the right investment for you.

So, let’s find out shall we…

  • Accredited Investors, HNWI, or Family Offices, who want to implement a proven system to provide 12.5% or more annual gains sustainably and transparently.
  • Accredited Investors, HNWI, or Family Offices who want instant TRUST by using a system and technology that provides full 100% TRANSPARENCY.
  • Accredited Investors, HNWI, or Family Offices who believe technology is POWER and taking SYSTEMS get RESULTS.
  • Accredited Investors, HNWI, or Family Offices investing at least $1,000,000. Space is very limited and we will only take $100 million. Early adopters reap better returns!
  • You believe that for you to be a successful it’s all about multiple strategies and NOT about having one right system that works
  • Anyone who wants mediocre results from typical strategies that keep everything hidden behind the curtains.
  • Anyone that prefers investing in a fancy office and an expensive suit over, technology, results, and performance.
  • You don’t have at least $500,000. and you are afraid to invest too much in the markets. You have more equity in the house you live in than the markets or you believe the markets are not safe.

At this point, I helped you either qualify or disqualify yourself from reading further.

So, if you’re the one that knows this investment is for you, keep reading.

Let’s continue our conversation…

I know that you started out your investing with the best of intentions…determined that this would provide you more time in your personal life, great income, but somewhere along the journey, you lost your focus and now you feel overwhelmed, frustrated…you find yourself stuck don’t know exactly what to do to get consistent returns you want.

But, it’s not really your fault, it’s just the way you were programmed and taught to pursue Investing, based on dusty outdated information and old traditional methods that were working 5, 10, 20 years ago… but that is NOT WORKING in today’s marketplace the way they used to.

These old ways, myths, and traditional information will keep you from accelerating your Income the way you want to and away from reaching your retirement dreams and bucket list.

How do I know that?

Because that happened to me. By me following the old traditional way to pursue my Investing, that didn’t get me very far. I was barely able to pay myself, always struggling and selling stocks just to pay the bills, and coming to grips with the realization that I’ve gone down the WRONG path.

So, what’s the PERFECT path you may ask… well, to tell you the true, there isn’t one.

But, I know one thing for sure, and that is…there’re A LOT of better ways to invest your money, your future, and trust to accelerate your investment income. That’s EXACTLY what I want to go over…strategies, frameworks, tactics, information that will COMPLETELY change the way you’re going to start pursuing your Investing.

So, let’s go over and talk about “THE BIGGEST MYTH” that will keep you from accelerating your smooth returns and the 3 REASONS that will keep you from getting RESULTS right now…

Maybe you’ve bought into the LIE that the ONLY way for you to be successful with seven figure investing , you needed hire a doctorate in finance, have a big name firm, or have “advisors” and “strategies”, but to some extent this is NO LONGER valid in today’s technologically advanced market.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT bashing degrees or higher education, they help A LOT. But there’s knowledge that is more critical than degrees and traditional investment courses that is not taught or advised in the finance community. We use math and technology to get an unfair advantage over the traditionalists. All you have to do to accelerate is “get started”.

This alone will prevent you from making the common mistakes most “Investors” make, and this valuable information based on these “3 Reasons” could save you TONS of time, money and headaches by itself.

Once you realize this information, you’ll be liberated from frustration, from uncertainty, and from outright boredom–to self-awareness, certainty, and empower to accelerate your investing!

I can’t emphasize enough the huge mistake investors make when listening or getting advice from people that DO NOT have the results that they want.

Always stand guard of the door of your own mind. Pay ATTENTION and be aware of the information and advice you get from people or try doing it yourself.

ONLY allow yourself to listen to those that have the results that you’re looking for to have. We document each and every trade our contracts are published on the BLOCKCHAIN. This is immutable, unchangeable, and what you see is what you get.

Watch the above video to find out more.

You Trust the “sales pitch”.

It’s NOT all about a “Fancy Sales Pitch”. You are not buying the “fancy office or suit. You want real results! There’s a lot more than just making an investment then HOPING, praying, and wishing you made the right choice in a financial product, manager, or stratgey. The big firms with average products market and sales pitch a “big game” for “Trust and Transparency”

I mean, do you really think that big firms the “Too Big To FAIL” are transparent with you. Do you really think your BANK or BANKER has your best interest in mind and will not take “A FEE” if you don’t get the RESULTS you want?

Don’t think so right?

What else is there you may ask?… Well, there is a technology and a product that you can invest into that will dramatically help get the returns you desire. With a minimum annual 10% gurantee and has a philosophy “If we don”t make you money we do not deserve yours.” Does your banker, investment advisor, or broker do that?

And let’s not forget… this will help you to smooth returns and get the predictible Income You Desire. All trades completed are published so you can see exactly where your income came from and where your money is.

Watch above video to find out more.

Speculation Strategies

Now, you have a HUGE challenge that you may not know yet, and that is that YOU DON’T KNOW what strategies really work and if your advisors will pick the right stocks and investments to get you the results you need.

How do I know that?
Well, you just watch the video above to find out …

We have all seen very smart, well-educated people with advanced degrees, years of experience but still unable to find a high yielding investments or they find themselves struggling to break even or even worse, being stuck in the same losing positions year after year with mediocre gains. Many new opportunities have no assets at all and are only built on speculation

Well, that’s because they don’t have the right system and information that we have. We have advanced algorithmic AI information that our mathematicians and analysts have spent years researching ,perfecting, and use with their own investments.

And that’s EXACTLY what is missing in your strategy and…

We feel your frustration and honestly we’re fed up with hearing story after story and seeing great, smart people, investors with great potential and passion for life, just like you, being frustrated, overwhelm with so much disappointment, feeling stuck, and let down by their money manager, advisor, or broker, and not be able to retire without worry, so…

We promised ourselves and committed to deliver the best RESULTS, TRUST, frameworks, strategies, tactics, and team in one financial product that works. 100% transparent.  100% asset backed.  100% compounded growth.  This product strategy has already been applied and perfected for the past 20 years that allowed me to accelerate my monthly income and position myself for a great retirement.

We know what the market is like, what you are facing right now such as financial brokers with under-performing assets, with their old ways, and it even gets worse… they don’t say a thing about strategy, probability, or how exactly to get the returns you desire.

Thankfully, all of that is behind you…

From this point forward I will introduce you to what’s working NOW! and that will make the difference in your investing, retirement, and lifestyle just like it did to me.

That’s why you’re going start with the 100 Day Challenge .

You’ve just found the world’s most powerful program for getting more INCOME  and RESULTS in the next 100 days in your account than most do over the course of the year.

You want RESULTS in your account right? Well, you need a radically different approach, and that’s why you’re going to love the 100 Day Challenge .

Globus Wealth is a hardcore income oriented vested interest options contract that delivers radical results fast. It’s built to get you to winning with blistering speed, hyper-accountability, and relentless execution.

The 100 Day Challenge incorporates the proven disciplines of superior execution which will help you to drive profound results faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined in your investment account.

Just imagine what life will be like 100 days from today…once you’re able to…get consistent returns in record time…get your first Globus Wealth generated income…smooth income trading…managed by a master MILLION DOLLAR TRADER to be able to accelerate your growth to 12.5%+ annually in your account.

There are 2 kinds of people, those that get results and everyone else – that don’t. Which one do you want?

Do you honestly think that getting extraordinary results that few investors get will just materialize, without you having to dramatically step up your game, without having to get out of your comfort zone, without having the right team, transparency, and commitment, without putting your money where your mouth is?

WE LOVE THE CHALLENGE… because there is no purer form of success, no more exact and demanding test of what you are capable of, than to rise to meet the mental demands and physical rigors of big challenging objectives.

That’s the only way to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to THINK BIG AND PLAY A MUCH BIGGER GAME.

The truth is…while we all have different objectives and aspirations for our investing and life, we all love and benefit from a challenge—something that inspires us to reach the peak of our potential, jailbreaks us from our comfort zone, and transforms us into a better, far more capable version of ourselves.

The 100 Day Challenge is a real Game Changer for your Investing…and not just because you see radical results fast. Or, how it helps materialize incredible smooth returns. It’s all those things, plus the fact that it is very specific and strategically designed from us, the  Income for Life Masters and it is TOTALLY “DONE FOR YOU”.

Our challenge is that with in the first 100 Days your account will be on track to make 12.5%+ annual return or you can get all your money back penalty free . The risk is all on us. If we do not achieve 3% income in 100 days with your account you can simply take all your money plus the income we have made you and walk away.

The fact is ANY objective takes as much time as you allow for it to take, and by us setting short, non-negotiable deadlines, and by enforcing daily execution rules, it won’t take much time to start seeing BIG RADICAL RESULTS.

The best part of the 100 Day Challenge is the risk is all ours.

In fact, if we do not perform we never get paid. That means we stand behind our product. I am sure no other product on the planet will deliver such a guarantee.

The 100 Day Challenge not only lets us show you more, it lets you DO MORE FASTER, and with less risk. And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Now… the 100 Day Challenge begins with the crack of a whip. You’ll immediately get income from week one, where we’ll help you to create a Massive Income and the implement process to ACHIEVE The Objective we’ll be actively working on to accomplish for the next 100 days and years to come.

Then for each week of the challenge and beyond…you’ll be provided dashboard to show you the trades competed along with the specific RESULTS the trading actions implemented by our experienced team, delivering you the performance breakthroughs you want and deserve.

Extreme results come from extreme execution skills and that’s why you’ll learn to bookend your weeks with fast wins and strong finishes delivered by Globus.

Accelerating the relationship between cause and effect is what drives the speed of your results and TRUST your future and legacy is in good hands.

The faster the cause, the faster the effect…and that is precisely why each and every week we view it as an ongoing series of opportunities and the process for you to get the results you’re looking for in your investing and be on your way to position yourself with six-figure passive annual income in today’s market.

Now it’s your turn to make the impossible possible!

And YES! It will REQUIRE A COMMITMENT and IT DOES TAKE TIME. It requires INVESTMENT, discipline, accountability, transparency, hard work, sustained commitment, and relentless action! But at the end, it’s damn worth it! Since its fully managed we do all that for you.


The Globus Wealth® DBC offering is Your Essential Resource For Smooth Returns, Predictable Results, And Support You Need To Successfully Be Able To Position Yourself To Make $125,000 or More Annually In PASSIVE INCOME on $1 million invested.

Pursuing your investment goals 8 RULES | THE DONE FOR YOU PROVEN SYSTEM will allow you completely change the way you approach investing, and the way you live your life, the way you think through implementing and planning your retirement in the next 10 to 20 years, how to be very secure in how you use and apply the income to win.


These rules have been established to allow actions as necessary to effect the best outcome possible.

Rule 1 – “GLOBUS” has a goal of returning 12.5% annually on a base investment of $1,000,000 which will be secured as a DBC 2 contract published on the blockchain for accountability. The gains can be reinvested at 12.5% annual return.  The contract purchase will be asset backed by a bond linked to the broker account of Globus Wealth investing in securities on the US stock market and managed to called- value with a goal of maintaining the initial deposit value of DBC1. This is a goal and not a guarantee. Actual results could be less.

Rule 2 – “Globus” performance is based on the stock and option trades as published for the “Done For You ” trades completed on the blockchain.

Rule 3 – “Globus” Derivative Bond Contracts  are options contracts in the form of a Globus  “DBC 1-2.” The DBC1 contract purchase will be asset backed (stocks and options) and a stored value represented in a smart contract on the blockchain. The value will be displayed in your “Globus Smart Vault” account online. To assure security of your assets excercise or exchange will only be allowed once per year.

Rule 4 – “Globus” income will be vested and in the form of derivatives contracts “DBC2” The DBC2 will be asset backed and derived from options premium income and represented in a stored value in your “Globus Smart Vault” account and published  weekly.

Rule 5 – For security reasons all beneficiary contract rights will be vested for 20 years with the Globus. The Globus Smart vault will be only a display function of value made and income earned to give you a visual summary of contract progress.

Rule 6 – Withdrawls (exercising of contracts)  will be limited to once per year from December 15th to December 31st.  DBC 2  contracts may be exercised for cash or sold and transferred to a new beneficiary. During this period no trading will take place and contract holders must decide to exercise or continue vesting. This will only be allowed once per year. Any DBC’s left in the income account on January 1 and not exercised will continue to vest.  All transactions will have a three eyes principal with “offline” ledgers” being published via to blockchain ledgers and hashed for identity, security, and anonymity as well as published and mirrored in your “Globus Smart Vault” account.

Rule 7 – DBC are transferable and exchangeable. You may sell your DBC t contracts  with Globus without penalty at the price of your choosing. Many increase value exponentially by selling at a future value.

Rule 8 – Exercising Contracts and Fee’s:  Exercising for cash of any DBC’s for cash from Globus will be at face value at the time of exercise.  Early exercise of DBC1 will have an annual penalty over 20 years starting with 50% in Y1 down to 0% in Y20. To avoid redemption fees transferring (selling) contracts via an our book exchange or to a private buyer is recommended. (conditions apply) . Globus Wealth  ,and its subsequent fund managers take no fee until the 12.5% income DBC is achieved for each contract purchaser/beneficiary. Globus Wealth and its managers fees are 100% performance based over the benchmark of income due to each contract. If the benchmark is not achieved in a 12 month period the member is always paid first and whole and no fees to management are taken.

Every aspect of the Globus Wealth has been design based on the
“8 RULES | THE DONE FOR YOU GLOBUS WEALTH PROVEN SYSTEM for you to fully take advantage for you NOT ONLY to trust on a personal level, but as on a higher level, and that’s EXACTLY what makes the difference between an average investor and a highly successful investor that makes over the Six-Figures.

Basically, we’ve spent the past few years interviewing, learning from, working with, and understanding the secrets of the most successful options investors in the world.

  • Full intellectual understanding of the math and science of being a 10X Investor (TIME =MONEY).
  • Triple the way you are earning in record time.
  • A framework to “Reverse Engineer” your smooth income. You will know EXACTLY where your finances are going to end up in the next 5 to 20 years and we show you the specific process in how to get there with full transparency on the block chain and beyond.
  • Our strategies and techniques to control the entire investing process, differentiate our returns from all average investment professional by executing our process and system in a very strategic way and precise way.


You’ll get immediate access to all  benefits the GLOBUS WEALTH and Deravitive Bond Contracts have to offer if you join today.

The 100 Day Challenge it’s the most effective and strategic program for us to guarantee your results where you can to get more profits and results in the next 100 days than most average investors do over the course of years.

Big moves will make the BIG difference!

You want to get RESULTS NOW in your investing? Well, you need a radically different approach, and that’s why you’re going to love the 100 Day Challenge.


This is FULL of REAL investors and Ron Groenke’s exact trades- tons of killer trades that are working…so that all you have to do is be committed.

These top-secret trades have never been shared publicly…until now, and it’s ONLY available for the Globus Trust Members. To maintain it all, we only accept accredited investors as members by application only and there is a very limited number of members accepted 100 to be exact.

Globus members will have access the” Globus Smart Bank” platform for manager oversight and every trade completed is published to the blockchain.


Want to get the answers from top analysts? We know how valuable it is to follow someone in the industry who has already paved the way.

Our analysts and managers will share their wisdom and years of experience to help you to accelerate and focus on what’s going to make a difference in your life.

Just imagine…

You NOT ONLY getting a proven system you can trust and guaranteed trade income that will help you get rid of the frustration, overwhelm, and disappointments to get you RESULTS NOW, but you also deserve a community of people who “get” you and are there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Which means you’ll go from “I wonder if this is going to work?” to “Holy shi*! This is working!” and allow you to come out the other side with a successful retirement with income for life. You will see a real profit in today’s market and your life that will be more enjoyable for you driven by a system that works.

There are NO upfront fees. The first $100M investor will recieve 12.5% DBC2 annually. When your bench mark annual income gurantee is met only then does Globus take a fee.

When you Enroll to Globus Wealth membership today, you’ll gain access to the exact tested methods I used (and still use) to sell positions and reap the options premiums from the market as a Six-Figure Options Investor, The Globus Wealth Management, and Ron Groenke.

It’s impossible to put a value on this. Most people start out their retirement investing with no real help, no real RESULTS, no mentors, and no resources… I know. I was one of them. And it cost me years of my life and thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.

As a member of Globus Wealth you will hit the ground running backed with the best income trades by a master options trader.

So ask yourself…Are you satisfied with your current results, current returns, and life right now? Do you like your strategy, broker, or money manager? Are you 100% happy with the money you make now?

All you need to do is focus on THE RIGHT thing, growing, and accelerating your investments. It’s time you finally enjoy a successful  lifestyle that you deserve. Don’t wait another minute. Click on the red button below now … the one that says “APPLY NOW.” Go apply to be only of the LUCKY investors accepted to the Globus Wealth® Today!

You have 2 roads in front of you now… You can stay on the current path. That’s probably the easiest choice. You could easily waste years of your precious time, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, continue buying books, testing brokers, or following the traditional big brand ways to invest and keep trying to figure out your retirement strategies all by yourself.

… you can choose to Enroll with Globus Wealth® Membership today, and you’ll be one step closer to implementing easy action steps to success in your retirement investing.

You can be one step closer to grabbing the steering wheel and securing your fixed income and financial future.

Are you finally ready to stop hoping your portfolio will go up and your advisor picked the right stocks? Are you finally ready to get 12.5% – 15.5% annual returns?

Then, you know exactly what to do!

100 Day Challenge Program.

Master Options Income Trading Secrets.

Ron Groenke's Income Management.

Transparency through the blockchain.

Experienced Team.

Superior Execution and Technology

No upfront fees and contracts are always paid before managers!

If you’re ready to take your investing to the next level by enrolling, simply fill out an application and click the button to join us…

All Globus DBC2 Contracts will grow at 12.5% annually.

When you join Globus Wealth , you are fully protected by our 12.5 %-Guarantee. If you are not on path to make 12.5%+ annual income with in 100days we will return your investment without penalty and you can keep the… Income.  No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through. Either we make you money or we don’t deserve yours.

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer them for you…

I’m still at square one, very new in my Investing, will Globus Wealth be right for me?

Absolutely! Globus Wealth is excellent for those that want a managed solution where you can predict the amount of income you want to recieve- 12.5% annually. So from the very start, all you will need is the capital to purchase the DBC contracts , to be one of the $100 million club members, the desire to start, and nothing more. In fact now is the perfect time for you to join the Globus Wealth.

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

It’s time for you to take action. Simple as that. If you really want to make a have a successful retirement investing in today’s market you need the right product and the right system to get you predictable results. You need support, community, and most of all… accountability! Time is money!

“GLOBUS WEALTH” is that place. If you really want to make a difference, the time is now.

Also, there will only be $100 million of contracts sold.

I already am a member from another fund and I’m doing ok, what can Globus Wealth do for me?

Assuming you want to keep growing your investment account and gain monthly income the Globus Wealth can help you with fine-tuning your predictive smooth gains; as well as supporting you with working towards your future goals and legacy. This is certainly not a “beginner only” community – far from it! We’ve helped clients grow to 8, 9, and soon to be 10 figures and have worked with major multinationals, so there’s plenty of expertise on offer that you’re sure to benefit from in your continued growth. Not to mention we haven’t found an investment vehicle that returns better than we do, guaranteed. If you do tell us!

Will you be adding new products, features, offerings or is everything there already?

We’ll be adding new features, integrations, webinars, technical and non-technical videos regularly so you’ll never be short of something new to use! Currently the offering is limited to $100M.

What if this product doesn’t meet the financial goals?

No problem. If you invest in Globus Wealth today and it doesn’t perform 3% in 100days with the 100 Day Challenge you can get all your money back, we will promptly give you your investment amount plus any gains . No questions asked. No hassle. You have our word on it.

What if I have a question that’s not on this FAQ list?

We are here to help and want you to be completely comfortable with your purchase. Simply submit any questions you have to our support team via email at info@globuswealth.com

You know what’s funny? So many of us have a habit of convincing ourselves of one thing or another…we tell ourselves we’re not smart enough to do this…that we’re going to fail…or we assume we don’t deserve to chase our dreams…

We repeat over and over again “I can’t afford that”.

And seriously?

All you are doing when you tell yourself these things is convincing yourself that you’re not worthy enough.

But here’s the thing…

If what’s stopping you it’s money, then let’s go over the facts that $1M investment…will return $10M in 20 years. 10X!!!

Your Globus Wealth contracts are secure and transparent and there are no upfront fees except your initial purchase. Time and patience is all you need. If you don’t have enough capital to invest- find it. Have you paid off your house? Do you have big boy’s toys? Do you have bonds? Do you have investments that are not returning 12.5% a year?

I think you get my point.

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